Honda Motorcycles


Honda has been a leading provider of automobiles since the Japanese Industries boomed. Their motorcycles, as any bike enthusiast will tell you, are a pleasure to ride, and among the best motorcycle brands if you were to count a few on your fingers!

The many moods of Honda bikes!

Honda has provided the world with all kinds of two wheelers, apart from their cars of course. They gave us some serious heavy machines in the seventies and eighties, and still make some of the best racing motorcycles in the 500cc and plus categories. On the other hand, the enterprising company that Honda is, they have also captured a good share of the world mini scooter market. What with gear-less scooters getting really popular in the Eighties, thanks to Honda motorcycles, we saw many more women riding scooters than ever before! The one touch self starters, fine suspension and easy handling made the Honda scooters a hit with many a family – everyone could ride one with ease! During the eighties, Honda collaborated with India’s ‘Kinetic’, to produce the grand success story of the ‘Kinetic Honda’, a scooter that became an overnight dream come true for women all across India, and a pleasure own. Remember, this was a time in India when all that you could get in terms of two wheelers was focused totally on the needs and preferences of the male rider. The introduction of the Kinetic Honda provided a welcome change to the modern Indian women of the eighties! As long as we are talking India, Honda motorcycles later collaborated with the “Hero” group, to bring out the Hero Honda, arguably the most sought after honda motorcycle for sale in India, to date – thanks to its mileage, something like eighty kilometers to the liter on its four stroke engine. Today Honda has its own independent showrooms across the whole world, without collaboration – the Honda Active scooter is the current talk of the town here…

Honda motorcycle identity

Harley Davidson fans associate an attitude with the brand…while it’s not the same with Honda motorcycles– everyone from a sixteen year old to a sixty year old could find something with Honda! It is surprising to see the success that Honda motorcycles has had in every department of motor vehicle, with every type. Especially the Honda Goldwing Motorcylces are extremely famous and very close with fans attitude and brand. You could literally start out with a mini scooter at 16 yrs of age, graduate to a hundred cc at 17, and work your way up to the powerful mean machines along the years – once you get hooked to Honda motorcycles, you probably won’t want another brand.

As any Honda rider would tell you, their vehicles give them years and years of riding pleasure, and rarely break down at all – be it a mini scooter or a 100cc or a 500cc.