Kelly Blue Book

If you are looking to buy or sell a used motorbike you will need to know its market value, before you can decide on a fair price that will do you and your machine some justice. If you are thinking of opening a motorcycle trading business, you will need to evaluate the price of a bike quite often. Here arises the need for a quick reference tool or utility that will help you do this and the Kelley Blue Book fits the bill just perfect!

If you live within the United States…

The Kelly Blue Book has posed as a useful reference guide to the price of a second hand motorcycle, for over seventy five years now. All you need to do is log into the website and enter the postal code. You need to do this for more accuracy, because the market value of a second hand bike may differ in different US states. Once you’ve selected a state, you need to select a category from ‘trade-in’ value, retail value or motorcycle store. Once past that , the fun begins! You have to select a year, the production year of the bike, and then fill in very simple details like motorcycle brand and model. The Kelly blue book immediately gives you a suggested value. Remember, this value is the market value for the bike if it were in excellent shape, and only serves as a starting point for discussion between a buyer and seller.

Here is a sample result -
1970 Moto Guzzi V-7 Twin
Suggested Retail Value

Outside the USA?

Maybe the Kelley blue book would not be able to give you a market value for the country that you live in. On the other hand many motorcycle traders in different countries use the USA market value as a yardstick to judge the price of a second hand vehicle in their own country. In such case, just use any US pin code to access the KBB site, which of course is first step when you log on to the motorcycle page. The site offers a quick reference tool to get US zip codes. You could use ANY USA code to get a rough idea of price value, if you are outside USA – an accurate state wise figure wouldn’t help you too much in any case…Remember, if you have selected the ‘trade in value’ in the second step of the evaluation process, you would probably get a lower than retail value. Trade in values account for costs of inspection as well…

The Kelly blue book is a very useful tool for getting the market value of used cars as well – its suggested market value is accepted across USA as standard. However you could negotiate on the value with your buyer, based on the motorcycle’s less-than-excellent features- maybe rusted wheel rims or spokes, a bent fork etc.