Motorcycle Kits

So you want to build your own bike? Great choice, if you have the time to put it…actually there’s nothing more satisfying than building your own motorbike from the ground up with a motorcycle kit. You probably wouldn’t try it unless you had your own garage and tools. This could also be a great project to undertake with a friend who maybe would like a bike of his own. Two pairs of hands definitely make work easier – it’s also a great way to spend some quality time with a good friend, and exchange ideas along the way!

Do you have the dedication?
It may be a bad idea to build your own motorcycle if you don’t often do DIY projects. Building a bike from the ground up with a motorcycle kit requires dedication, patience, time and above all – skill. Are you good with welding? Are you good with tools like spanners and wrenches? Do you have these available to you? These are a few questions you need to ask yourself before you take up a project of such scale. We aren’t trying to scare anyone away from building their own bikes here, just giving an idea of what you could expect. You could order one of the many ‘bike-in-a-box’ motorcycle kits available over the internet. Or you could browse through motorcycle magazines for similar ads, but you would probably find the same kind of ads in both kinds of media…

How about the old fashioned way?
Maybe this you cannot really call a motorcycle kit, but if you truly want a unique bike you could start by purchasing the frame alone and then following it up by letting the creative you loose on it! By building your bike this way, you end up spending money on it little by little over the weeks, so you may not feel the pinch too much (or you could buy all the parts before you start building so you have a true motorcycle kit). What it will require more of is more of our time. You will need to go shopping for the fuel tank one day, maybe keep a lookout in second hand markets and ebay ( ) as well. You will need to have a handle bar made, or buy one that you prefer – you will have to purchase an engine of your choice and make modifications to the frame so that it fits in comfortably. This kind of project is surely for the experienced mechanic alone.

Once you get you motorcycle kit, you will no doubt be excited to see every part of your motorcycle-to-be for the first time. Do take care of every piece of the assembly, and make sure you fit everything together well. Remember – a motorcycle needs to be in prime working order for your own safety and for the safety of those around you.